2017-2018 EXECUTIVE

President – Angela Gainer

Past President –  Sheila Walsh

Vice President – Vida Rivard

2nd Vice President – Marilyn Romanetz

Secretary – Shauna Sugg

Treasurer – Alicia Blanchette


Cindy Lankinen

Kerri Ann Miller

Debra McKever

Jeff Gainer

Noelle Jagger

Coach Representative

One Vacant Position


Bingo Chairperson: Angela Gainer

Bursary Chairperson: Kerri Ann Miller

Competition Chairperson: Vida Rivard

Fundraising Chairperson: Jeff Gainer

Hospitality Chairperson: Cindy Lankinen

Ice Chairperson: Stacie Furlonger

Ice Show Chairperson: Kerri Ann Miller

Membership Chairperson:

Music Chairperson: Sarah Edwards

Pro Liaison Chairperson: Marilyn Romanetz

Publicity Chariperson: Debra McKever

Skater’s Development: Stacie Furlonger

Test Chairperson: Vida Rivard

Star 2-4 Program Representative: Kerri Ann Miller and Shauna Sugg

Star 5 – Gold/Competitive Representative: Marilyn Romanetz and Jim McKever

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